5 Tips For Keeping Your Romance Sparks Alive


Is Romance lacking in your relationship? Have you every come across your spark being a little bit more on the dimmed side? Or perhaps you are simply looking to spice things up to keep things entertained with your partner?

Well below are a few tips that we recommend that can help bring back the romance in the bedroom for you and your partner:

  1. Communicate
  2. Do fun activities together (both inside and outside the bedroom)
  3. Weekly Date Nights
  4. Regularly tell your partner what you appreciate about them
  5. Put in the work 

Trying out these few tips can help spice up your romance. They are simple but effective! 

Talk to your partner and ask them what would make them happy? Take turns and do what both of you would have fun doing on date. Get out your calendar on your mobile device and set weekly reminders for your date. When you start doing these small things, the romance will add up and your partner will see that you are making the effort.

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  3. Finger Massager
  4. Date Night Kit
  5. Arouse me Erotic Play Set

Let us know what are some of your favorite ways to keep the Sparks Alive!